Living In Linen, by our friends at William Clark

Clothing made from linen has something special about it- “Strong as steel, delicate as silk, with an appearance as varied and as attractive as an Irish landscape, it is not surprising it has been preferred by people of good taste for well over 4,000 years.” Wallace Clark.

Referred to as the ‘aristocrat of textiles’, previously Linen was the major fabric used in the production of a wide variety of clothing. It was for centuries the only material used in the manufacturing of shirts. Once a staple piece within the collections of many gentlemen and women, the linen shirt overtime became rarer, with the rising growth in popularity for cotton and blended fabrics.

Historically Northern Ireland is famous for its knowledge and skill in shirt making. Londonderry was in particular renowned for its expertise within the shirt making trade, employing 8000 people across 44 factories in 1926. A skill that has to this day not been lost to the city. Richard Gibson along with his wife Selena are an innovative and inspiring couple. Founding their brand Smyth and Gibson over 17 years ago they have continued the skilled tradition of shirt making long held in Derry.

Each shirt is measured and hand cut at the factory in Derry.

Masterfully stitched by master craftsman who are experts in the art of sewing. Their shirts use a single French needle seam which allows for the perfect matching of patterns at the yoke and collar.

Every shirt is a masterpiece. From unrivaled stitching, rare fabrics, subtle and refined styling that is at its best in any scenario. It is obvious why you will find Smyth and Gibson shirts in the homes of many.

It is companies like Smyth and Gibson that we love. Skilled individuals using the finest materials and processes available to create the best possible end product. A company who understands the linen industry and the fabric. When you are purchasing a Smyth and Gibson shirt, you are buying into the heritage. There is an understanding of the quality that it will only  get better the more it is worn.

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