As much as we would wish otherwise, British and Irish summers are notoriously short. May to September is a drawn-out game of Russian roulette in reverse; waiting for that elusive hot weather to strike.


Regardless, you should be prepared for those few and fleeting days when the sun finally does make an appearance, by having a simple but winning clothing arsenal at the ready: Shorts. T-Shirts. Chinos. Lightweight Jackets.

And not forgetting, short-sleeved shirts.

We think it’s time the short sleeved shirt was reclaimed into the sartorial vocabulary and wardrobes of men around the world. Especially with the unpredictability of British and Irish summers, men must have a shirt at hand for those hotter-than-the-Sahara days. Whether you’re in the office or lounging by the sea, short sleeved shirts are cooler, breezier, and smarter than your polo shirt.

Smyth & Gibson short sleeved shirts feature 100% Cotton or Linen fabrics - so you can expect a garment that will stretch and move with you, yet remain crisp and fresh all day.

But how to wear the short sleeved shirt? Below are 5 simple tips for choosing and wearing this often misunderstood garment:


Yellow is suited to dark and tanned skin, but can make fair skin look sallow and washed out. Fair skin tones should opt for darker colours like navy and burgundy. Black, white, and light blue are good staples for anyone, and suited to both casual and more formal looks.


Plain shirts are a wardrobe staple but print and pattern can add whimsy and interest while still being sophisticated. If you’re not confident with pattern, start with stripes or plaids and build from there. As a general rule, keep in mind the colours that suit you and choose prints and patterns in that tonal range. Furthermore pair patterned shirts with chinos or dark jeans for an elegant and sophisticated look.


There are several details to consider when it comes to fit. First of all, avoid boxy, billowy shapes. Seams should hit your shoulder joint and the collar shouldn’t feel restrictive. When buttoned up you should be able to move your arms freely without the shirt pulling tight across your chest or at the shoulders. Finally, make sure sleeves fit closely around your arms and don’t pop out at an angle.


Your shirt collar makes as much statement as the design of the fabric. Our most popular iterations are the Penny Square, and the Cutaway collar. With our more casual shirts we have introduced the Tomber collar, which sits less proud, but fulfils it's casual, relaxed mandate.

The Outfit

Whatever short sleeved shirt you choose, ensure all the other elements of your outfit create a streamlined look. Choose slim fitting shorts or chinos. Pair with smart boat shoes and accessorise with a plain leather belt. Keep it refined. Keep it simple.

Short-sleeved shirts are most definitely in. Fashion houses around the world are confidently showcasing contemporary short sleeved shirt designs for the image-conscious modern-day man. At Smyth & Gibson we’ve followed suit, by designing a collection of shirts which are exquisitely tailored and hand-sewn by our master craftsmen. We’ve made the process easy for you by designing classic plain and patterned shirts with exceptional fit, and beautifully finished details. All you have to do is choose which shirt.


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