Within the striped fabric spectrum, Bengal stripes sit between the playful ‘candy’ and the familiar ‘awning’ varieties. Wider than the former and narrower than the latter, Bengal stripes are typically 1/4 inch bands of alternating dark and light colour.

First mentioned in the East Indies in 1680, this immutable fabric has long been a menswear essential. Its success could be attributed to its subdued appearance - it looks just as good with solids as it does with bold patterns or dare we say it, more stripes. On the other hand, its popularity could be owed to a regiment of the British Indian Army known as the Bengal Lancers, who in the late 1800s to early 1900s, donned the stripes while off-duty. 

Bengal fabric originally reached the stalls of international markets from its eponymous region in India. Also known as the home of the Bengal tiger, it’s been suggested that the cat’s lined coat inspired the fabric’s distinctive stripes.

At Smyth & Gibson, our Bengal stripes come in intonations of blue, pink, purple

and white and in both formal and casual fits.

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