At the heart of Smyth & Gibson lies our factory and the people in it.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the old walled city of Derry, the Victorian building that houses our factory has long been a hub of activity. It started its life in 1900 as Victoria Road Train Terminus, a busy station connecting Derry to Strabane. Fast forward some twenty years to 1926, and almost a fifth of the city’s population was employed by the city’s shirt factories.

 Today Smyth & Gibson is the only surviving shirt factory in Derry and one of the only few on the island of Ireland. We have been here for over 15 years. 

 Contrary to what you might think, our factory is a quiet place. On the road side, an unassuming pebble dash wall conceals an open and bright interior. On the opposite side, a wall of windows overlook the River Foyle. Inside, fifty pairs of hands measure, cut, sew, press and fold. These hands are preserving the once locally thriving industry of shirtmaking. 

 Beyond the reception, long tables stretch the length of the master cutters’ room where bolts of fabric line the walls and the seasons’ patterns hang from rails. Next door you’ll find the stitchers. A gentle murmur of machinery and chat pervades the space.

 Stacked on our shelves are the finest Italian silks, cottons and linens sourced from Ireland, Britain and Italy and in our drawers, thousands of pearlescent troca shell buttons. 

 We welcome visitors to the factory for our made to measure service. Drop us a note at if you’d like call by. We hope to see you soon.


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