Since it’s formation is 1818, Leander Club has earned a reputation as being the most successful rowing club in the world. It boasts a membership of over 3600 full and club members and has won more Olympic medals than any other single sport club in the world (124 Olympic medals and 3 Paralympic medals). It’s also home to renowned Athletes such as Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE and triple gold medalist Peter Reed OBE.

It’s a company built upon the values of excellence, integrity, focus, and teamwork and its driving goal is a long term commitment to the recruitment and nurturing of rowing talent and the development of world class athletes through their state of the art facilities and world class coaching programmes.

While they’re a socially active club, committed to investing in athletes, members and families, as well as providing an exquisite venue for weddings, conferences and business retreats, the highlight of the year is undeniably The Henley Royal Regatta. Founded in 1839, the Henley Regatta eventually gained royal patronage in 1851 and expanded from a one day event to a five day event; welcoming rowers and spectators from all over the world.



For their bicentenary year, Leander Club have partnered with Smyth & Gibson to create a bespoke shirt to mark the occasion. Combining style, luxury, class and meticulous craftsmanship, the result is an exquisitely tailored cotton shirt masterfully hand-cut and stitched at the Smyth & Gibson factory in Derry.



The Leander Club shirt comes in a choice of white or pale blue and is crafted from fine Thomas Mason fabric - exclusive supplier to the royal court’s tailor since 1936. It features a Cutaway collar and single cuff with a single pink button finished with elegant pink stitching on the button hole. The iconic Leander pink hippo is embroidered to the left chest. The hippopotamus emblem has its roots in African symbolism; known as “the King of the River”, it’s the only animal equally at home in water and on land. An apt emblem. Leander Club members wear the cerise tie while full members wear the coveted full pink livery.

The shirt is available exclusively from the Pink Hippo Shop at Leander Club and on the Leander Club website. Pick up a piece of history today at


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