In 1875 Arthur Liberty embarked on a journey that, little did he know, would not only last a lifetime but would continue long after his passing in 1917. The journey in question was the building of a design-led retail empire called Liberty & Co.

 As nostalgic as they are avant-garde, Liberty prints have been the choice of dandies and traditionalists alike since the house’s foundation. Few design houses can claim such an accolade and even fewer can count William Morris, Yves Saint Laurent,Vivienne Westwood and Nike as collaborators.

In its early days, Liberty & Co designed and produced an eclectic mix of patterns, drawing inspiration from a wide array of artistic styles and genres. However, with the rise of Art Nouveau in 1890, the design house’s prevailing style became more and more influenced by this movement, before eventually becoming synonymous with its whimsical lines and maximalist patterns. In fact, such was the extent of Art Nouveau’s influence on Liberty’s creations that that movement was coined ‘Stile Liberty’ in Italy.

Today, Liberty’s iconic Arts and Crafts style home in London’s Great Marlborough Street is one of the city’s most loved tourist attractions. Its facade by architects Edwin T and E Stanley incorporates the timbers of two old warships, giving it a distinct Tudor style.

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