P is for Print

At the beginning of each season we scour the swatch books of our favourite mills,

selecting a number of prints to use both gingerly and frivolously throughout our


On the inside of a cuff and collar, you’ll find the timeless Liberty print ‘Pepper’ as

designed by Jack Prince’s Design Studio in 1974. Accompanied by handmade troca shell

buttons, is a courageous burgundy and oversized flower print which hails from the 5th

generation family run Albini Mill, Northeast of Milan.

However, as fun as prints can be to wear, the intricacies of their patterns are not for

the faint hearted (or indeed, the faint hearted stitcher). At the Smyth and Gibson

factory, our workers are adept in ensuring a continuity of print across seams and shirt

components, a design consideration we take very seriously. This is a tricky and sometimes

painstaking process, made that little bit simpler by working with only the best mills in

the business.

When selecting a print, we first look to the quality of the yarn, then to clarity in

image, and lastly to precision in execution. Famed for their jacquards, the distinctive

shirting fabrics produced by the Leggiuno mill in Northern Italy possesses each of these


Perhaps the most unusual and complicated of prints you’ll find in our collection this

season can be seen above. Cleverly underlaid with a micro houndstooth, it is suitable for

both work and play and drapes ever so gracefully thanks to the weight of its poplin.

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