S is for Stretch

 So long to the stretch in the evening and hello to a stretch in our cottons.

 With the drop in temperature, you’ll find there is less occasion for shirtless days by the beach and more cause for shirted days on the couch. More time spent indoors calls for added comforts; those little luxuries that make the hard-to-ignore nip in the air all the more bearable. Jersey will be swapped with cashmere, beds will be made with flannel and the coats we gladly packed away in Spring will be (somewhat reluctantly!) dusted off.

 When it comes to shirting, we find added comfort in stretch cottons. Whether layering over or layering under, an extra bit of movement can make a world of difference.

Not long ago, the words ‘stretch fabric’ tended to conjure up images of unbreathable, static-generating nylons or elastic-wrought skinny jeans that sagged in all the wrong places. However, these days, thanks to significant advancements in stretch technology, the best stretch fabrics are virtually unrecognisable as such; possessing all the comfort of cotton with all the ease of the stretch.

For Autumn Winter we looked to Northern Italy’s Monti mill, who produce a two ply, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, 120 yarn count fabric. We use this cloth to make our best-selling plain white stretch shirt. We then went to the experimental Albiate mill in search of something limit-stretching (pun intended). There we found the world’s first stretch brushed cotton, comprised of 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

So why not put our stretch to the test and shop the collection here > https://smythandgibson.com/collections/stretch



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