At Smyth & Gibson, our shirts take us travelling; from the banks of the River Foyle to Western Europe, South Asia, and the east coast of America.

 On the other hand, our customers take their shirts travelling; on business and to city, town, coast and country.

 We wanted to make sure you never had to share your hotel shower with a creased shirt again, so we worked with the best in the business to create a shirt that is fuss-free, smart and enduring.

 This collection’s journey began in Derry after years of research and development. Our master pattern makers developed a pattern that is slim and tailored, with just the right amount of breathing room for comfort. Pattern cutters then skilfully rendered these patterns in a cloth designed and imagined by us. The shirts finally took their form when sewn together by our stitchers; prototypes to send to our Italian partners who work with a team of Indian shirtmakers. It is there that the final collection is expertly handmade to our specifications. The collection’s journey comes to an end home in Derry where it undergoes inspection by our quality control team.

 It takes many components to create a Smyth & Gibson shirt, and an S.W.E shirt is no different. Every button and thread we use is given as much consideration as the design of the garment itself. Here is where we sourced the components of the S.W.E collection:

 Italy - 100 / 2 ply Egyptian cotton with a market leading non-iron, formaldehyde free finishGermany - Double woven high definition labels

Japan - Unique clear edge piping on collar and cuff

Switzerland - Thermo-fused elastomeric button shank whipping - to strengthen and avoid loss of buttons

 The result of our endeavours is a shirt that marries form with function and polish with practicality; a shirt that is Smart Without Effort.

 Discover the S.W.E collection here:

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